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An extensive flick tool/widget for Flutter that allows very flexible flick management for your widgets.

It is designed to work flawlessly with snap but it can be used as a standalone package too.

It is highly recommended to read the documentation and run the example project on a real device to fully understand and inspect the full range of capabilities.

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  • flick works as intended on actual devices even if it might appear to fail rarely on simulators. Don't be discouraged!


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This is an extensive flick tool/widget for Flutter that allows very flexible flick management for your widgets.

Just wrap the widget you want to flick with the FlickController widget, fill the parameters and this package will take care of everything else.


"The view is what is being moved. It is the widget that flicks. The bound is what constrains the view."

First, a GlobalKey for your view:

GlobalKey view = GlobalKey();

If you want your view to be constrained, also define a GlobalKey for your bound.

GlobalKey bound = GlobalKey();

Then, create a FlickController such as:

  uiChild(),    //uiChild
  false,        //useCache
  view,         //viewKey
 {Key key,
  boundKey          : bound,
  constraintsMin    : Offset.zero,
  constraintsMax    : const Offset(1.0, 1.0),
  flexibilityMin    : const Offset(0.75, 0.75),
  flexibilityMax    : const Offset(0.75, 0.75),
  customBoundWidth  : 0,
  customBoundHeight : 0,
  sensitivity       : 0.05,
  onMove            : _onMove,
  onDragStart       : _onDragStart,
  onDragUpdate      : _onDragUpdate,
  onDragEnd         : _onDragEnd,
  onFlick           : _onFlick})

Widget uiChild() {
  return Container(
    key: view,

void _onMove(Offset offset);

void _onDragStart(dynamic dragDetails);
void _onDragUpdate(dynamic dragDetails);
void _onDragEnd(dynamic dragDetails);

void _onFlick(Offset offset);

Further Explanations:

For a complete set of descriptions for all parameters and methods, see the documentation.

  • Set useCache to true if your uiChild doesn't change during the Peek & Pop process.
  • If boundKey is set, constraintsMin, constraintsMax, flexibilityMin and flexibilityMax can't be null.
  • For further clarification of constraintsMin, constraintsMax, flexibilityMin and flexibilityMax, see this.
  • Use FlickControllerState's shouldFlick(dynamic dragEndDetails, double treshold) method to determine if the view should flick or not where treshold is the velocity at which the view should be considered to flick.


I started using and learning Flutter only some weeks ago so this package might have some parts that don't make sense, that should be completely different, that could be much better, etc. Please let me know! Nicely!

Any help, suggestion or criticism is appreciated!