editUsesParsedPaste property Null safety

bool editUsesParsedPaste

If true, the color code entry field uses parsed paste action for keyboard shortcuts CTRL-V and CMD-V,

A standard text field, will just paste whatever text is in the copy/paste buffer into the field. This is the false default behavior here too, with the exception that the field only accepts valid hex value input chars (0-9, A-F), so it always filters and pastes only the acceptable input chars from the paste buffer.

If this property is true, the edit field will use the same color paste value parsing used by the other paste actions used when the input field is not in focus. This results in a paste action in the field that always fully replaces the content with the parsed color value of the pasted data, not just pasting in the string in the paste buffer over selected text.

Currently this setting only impacts CTRL-V and CMD-V keyboard shortcut pasting on desktops. The paste on Android and iOS are not intercepted when this setting is true.

Defaults to false.

The false setting is equivalent to past versions (1.x) default behavior when pasting strings into the code entry field. Setting the value to true may be preferred for a more consistent paste experience.


final bool editUsesParsedPaste;