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As you might know, Islamic Republic of Iran is murdering people in silence right now in Iran They shut the Internet down to do that. That’s why I cannot maintain this library for a while. Now we need your help, please be our voice by spreading news in your media to support us Search these hashtags:

#MahsaAmini مهسا_امینی OpIran

Also, this article might help.

💥 FL Chart is a highly customizable Flutter chart library that supports Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Scatter Chart, and Radar Chart. 💥

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Banner designed by Soheil Saffar, and samples inspired from David Kovalev, Ricardo Salazar, Dmitro Petrenko, Ghani Pradita, MONUiXD. Thank you all!

Let's get started

First of all you need to add the fl_chart in your project. In order to do that, follow this guide.

Then you need to read the docs. Start from here.

We suggest you to check samples source code.

- You can read about the animation handling here


Your donation motivates me to work more on the fl_chart and resolve more issues. You can buy me a coffee!

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:beer: Pull requests are welcome!

Don't forget that open-source makes no sense without contributors. No matter how big your changes are, it helps us a lot even it is a line of change.

There might be a lot of grammar issues in the docs. It's a big help to us to fix them if you are fluent in English.

Check out, which contains a guide for those who want to contribute to the FL Chart.

Reporting bugs and issues are contribution too, yes it is.

Below are the people who has contributed to the FL Chart. We hope we have your picture here soon.