ActionCodeInfoOperation enum Null safety

The type of operation that generated the action code from calling checkActionCode.



emailSignIn → const ActionCodeInfoOperation

Email sign in code generated via sendSignInLinkToEmail.

const ActionCodeInfoOperation(4)
passwordReset → const ActionCodeInfoOperation

Password reset code generated via sendPasswordResetEmail.

const ActionCodeInfoOperation(1)
recoverEmail → const ActionCodeInfoOperation

Email change revocation code generated via User.updateEmail.

const ActionCodeInfoOperation(3)
revertSecondFactorAddition → const ActionCodeInfoOperation

Action code for reverting second factor addition.

const ActionCodeInfoOperation(6)
unknown → const ActionCodeInfoOperation

Unknown operation.

const ActionCodeInfoOperation(0)
values → const List<ActionCodeInfoOperation>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<ActionCodeInfoOperation>
verifyAndChangeEmail → const ActionCodeInfoOperation

Verify and change email code generated via User.verifyBeforeUpdateEmail.

const ActionCodeInfoOperation(5)
verifyEmail → const ActionCodeInfoOperation

Email verification code generated via User.sendEmailVerification.

const ActionCodeInfoOperation(2)


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