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Hot-Restart for Dart console application with fast incremental compilation.

Why do I need this?

If your console application compiles too long before running seems too slow.


Use the dart pub global command to install this into your system.

$ dart pub global activate fire


If you have modified your PATH, you can run this from any local directory.

$ fire

Otherwise you can use the dart pub global command.

$ dart pub global run fire

Here's an example of running a console application:

$ fire run -w bin/cat.dart example/example.dart
> Compiling ...
* Compiling done, took 0:00:00.424890
void main() {
  print('hello cat!');

* Watching 'bin' directory.
* To restart press "r".
  To quit, press "q" or "Q" to force quit.
  For a more detailed help message, press "H".


  • Hot-Reload with Flutter like reassemble (if possible)
  • build_runner integration (if possible, or alternative solution)
  • AOT compilation, it's impossible for now