film_gyaan library


An extension on RequestType to get the details related to the request like the type and other time out parameters.


defaultFlow<P extends Parameters, R extends Result>({required Core core, required P params, required BodyDeserializer<R> serializer}) Future<R>
A method which will be used to make the http request from the given params and return the response of the type R.
getExceptionFromAny(dynamic error) FilmGyaanException
Returns the FilmGyaanException if any error occurs.
getExceptionFromDefaultResult(DefaultResult result) FilmGyaanException
Returns the FilmGyaanException by checking the DefaultResult.
injectLogger(String id) LazyLogger
Get a logger from the provider.
provideLogger<R>(ILogger logger, Future<R> body()) Future<R>
Provides a logger to the code inside body.

Exceptions / Errors

An exception thrown by the Filmy Gyaan SDK.