An unofficial dart SDK which will connect to for you.

For details on API go to

This is an unofficial package for TheMovieDB. And I don't take any credit for the APIs related to TheMovieDB.

  1. Create an API Key at and use this in the package while initializing.

  2. Add film_gyaan: <version> to the project.

  3. Add import 'package:film_gyaan/film_gyaan.dart'; to start accessing the SDK features.

  4. Initialize the FilmGyaan with the API key.

    var filmGyaan = FilmGyaan(
        credentials: Credentials(
            apiKey: '<API_KEY>',
  1. Start using the package to get movie list, details and many more.

Please add issues/improvements/feature requests on GitHub. Will try to solve or add them as soon as possible.


Core is the library which will handle the core functionality related to the filmy gyaan SDK.