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Utility functionalities to write Regular Expressions with simpler terms.


If you have trouble writing Regular Expressions by yourself, or you're not really used to built-in RegExp class, then you can start learning to implement Regular Expressions using this package.

This package offers APIs to write Regular Expressions using a more verbose, but more humanely readable classes and methods.

If you're already very proficient with writing Regular Expressions by yourself, you won't really need this package.

Getting started

Adding the dependency

  fancy_regex: ^0.1.0


import 'package:fancy_regex/fancy_regex.dart';

// Base Usage
final RegExp exp = FancyRegex(
  expression: RawExpression("Hello World",), // Any RegExpComponent

// Use the RegExp object for your pattern matching needs


The APIs available on this package, are implementable with two available approaches.

  • Builder Pattern: Instantiate a single base RegExpComponent expression, then it can be extended with provided extension methods.
  • Flutter Widget Tree Style: Each RegExpComponent implementing class here is capable of wrapping another RegExpComponent expression in it.
import 'package:fancy_regex/fancy_regex.dart';

// Example for writing expression: /\+628\d{8,13}/
// In Dart's RegExp, it's declared as RegExp(r"\+628\d{8,13}",)

// Widget Tree Style
RegExp treeExp = FancyRegex(
  expression: SerialExpressions(
        end: 13,
  ), // Any RegExpComponent

// Builder Pattern
RegExp builderExp = FancyRegex(
  expression: CharacterClass.literal("+",).addRight(
      start: 8, end: 13,

// Use the RegExp object for your pattern matching needs

See Example Section

Available APIs

See the documentation here

Additional information

  • As stated by most Regular Expression info bases out there, some uncommon expressions are not working universally. Please consult on further references if certain expressions fail to work on certain platforms.
  • If you find the APIs to be too cumbersome to use, or want to suggest something, or bug reports, feel free to raise an issue.


  • Look for more available RegEx operators not yet implemented out there
  • Write more concise, more easily understandable APIs
  • Improving documentation


Provides a different approach to write Regular Expressions.