Unofficial plugin for FairBid SDK from Fyber - the advertisement mediation platform. Supports banner, interstitial and rewarded video ads.

Getting Started

Before you start you need to be at least familiar with FairBid SDK official documentation. Topics you should be familiar with:

  • publisher's console - to configure apps and prepare ad placements
  • mediation networks integration - to learn how to setup your Android/iOS projects to provide additional mediation platforms
  • ad types provided by FairBid SDK - to know what suits your needs and how to use different ad types

SDK setup

Create account Publishers UI and create configurations for Android and/or iOS app. App Ids has to be used to initialize SDK as described on official documentation for Android and iOS. You need to pass App Id for the platform your app is running on.

var appId = Platform.isAndroid ? _ANDROID_APP_ID : _IOS_APP_ID;
sdk = FairBid.forOptions(Options(
        appId: appId

You should keep reference to the FairBid instance to create ad placement holders.

Full screen ads

  1. Initialize ad holder with placement id for the correct platform.
var interstitialAd = sdk.prepareInterstitial(interstitialPlacementId);

var rewardedPlacementId = Platform.isAndroid ? _ANDROID_REWARDED_PLACEMENT_ID : _IOS_REWARDED_PLACEMENT_ID;
var rewardedAd = sdk.prepareRewarded(rewardedPlacementId);
  1. Request for a fill for an ad.
await ad.request();

Please note that the completion of request() doesn't mean the ad is available but only that requesting process has been started.

  1. Check if there is a fill available.
var adAvailable = await ad.isAvailable();
  1. Show ad when fill is available.
await ad.show();
  1. Initialize ad holder with placement id for the correct platform.
var bannerPlacementId = Platform.isAndroid ? _ANDROID_BANNER_PLACEMENT_ID : _IOS_BANNER_PLACEMENT_ID;
var bannerAd = sdk.prepareBanner(bannerPlacementId);
  1. Load and show banner on the screen.
await bannerAd.show(alignment: BannerAlignment.top);

Banners would show immediately and refresh automatically when ready.

  1. When banner should not be visible on the screen it should be destroyed.
await bannerAd.destroy();

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Plugin for FairBid SDK from Fyber