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How to get the most, most value from Dart static analysis.

This is an alternative to pedantic with many additional rules.

It does contain all pedantic rules and many more.

To use extra_pedantic add it as a dev_dependency:

  extra_pedantic: 1.3.0

Add this line to your analysis_options.yaml file

include: package:extra_pedantic/analysis_options.yaml

or if you want to enforce sort_child_properties_last and disable always_put_required_named_parameters_first (for Flutter projects)

include: package:extra_pedantic/analysis_options_flutter.yaml

And you're done.

The static analyzer might show you thousands of warnings, but that's OK. Fix them on your terms and you'll drastically improve your code quality, reduce ambiguity and the number of bugs in your codebase.


Feel free to add this badge to your README.

[![extra_pedantic on pub.dev](https://img.shields.io/badge/style-extra__pedantic-blue)](https://pub.dev/packages/extra_pedantic)


extra_pedantic does not contain any dart code. If you want to use unawaited, you'll have to add pedantic as a normal dependency.