extendedContextMenuBuilder property

ExtendedEditableTextContextMenuBuilder? extendedContextMenuBuilder

Builds the text selection toolbar when requested by the user.

primaryAnchor is the desired anchor position for the context menu, while secondaryAnchor is the fallback location if the menu doesn't fit.

buttonItems represents the buttons that would be built by default for this widget.

For backwards compatibility, when selectionControls is set to an object that does not mix in TextSelectionHandleControls, contextMenuBuilder is ignored and the TextSelectionControls.buildToolbar method is used instead.

{@tool dartpad} This example shows how to customize the menu, in this case by keeping the default buttons for the platform but modifying their appearance.

** See code in examples/api/lib/material/context_menu/editable_text_toolbar_builder.0.dart ** {@end-tool}

{@tool dartpad} This example shows how to show a custom button only when an email address is currently selected.

** See code in examples/api/lib/material/context_menu/editable_text_toolbar_builder.1.dart ** {@end-tool}

See also:

If not provided, no context menu will be shown.


final ExtendedEditableTextContextMenuBuilder? extendedContextMenuBuilder;