expandable_reorderable_list library


ExpandableReorderableList<K extends Key>
An expandable reorderable list.
ExpandableReorderableListItem<K extends Key>
Item of the AnimatedReorderableListView.
Model of an ExpandableReorderableListItem.
ExpandableReorderableListItemModelController<K extends Key>
Controller for the models of the items.
ExpandableReorderableListRootItem<K extends Key>
The root item of the item tree.
ExpandableReorderableListTreeItem<K extends Key>
An element of the item tree.
OnReorderParam<K extends Key>
The returned type of OnReorderMixin.onReorder.
VisibilityController<K extends Key>
Visibility controller of the ExpandableReorderableList.


OnReorderMixin<K extends Key>
Mixin handling the reorder of the AnimatedReorderableListView.


CollapseCallback = void Function({bool? isCollapsed})
A callback to call to collapse or expand an item.
ExpandableReorderableListItemBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext, Widget?, ExpandableReorderableListItemModel)
Builder callback to build the item.
OnReorder<K extends Key> = void Function(OnReorderParam<K> onReorderParam)
Callback method with OnReorderParam as a parameter.