A GIPHY client in pure Dart without depending on Flutter. Retrieve GIFs, stickers emoji and more using GiphyClient.


Add this dependency your pubspec.yaml file:

  enough_giphy: ^0.1.0

The latest version or enough_giphy is enough_giphy version.

API Documentation

Check out the full API documentation at https://pub.dev/documentation/enough_giphy/latest/


Use enough_giphy to retrieve data from GIPHY.


Example Code

import 'package:enough_giphy/enough_giphy.dart';

main(List<String> args) async {
  if (args.isEmpty) {
    print('Usage: dart example/enough_giphy_example.dart GIPHY_API_KEY');
    return -1;
  final apiKey = args.first;
  final client = GiphyClient(apiKey: apiKey);

  // Retrieves some trending gifs:
  final gifs = await client.trending();
  print('got ${gifs.totalCount} GIF images in trending');
  final firstGif = await gifs.load(0);
  print('first gif share URL: ${firstGif.recommendedMobileSend.url}');

  // Retrieve trending stickers, including up to PG13 rating:
  final stickers = await client.trending(
    type: GiphyType.stickers,
    rating: GiphyRating.pg13,
    lang: GiphyLanguage.english,
  final firstSticker = await stickers.load(0);
      'first sticker preview URL: ${firstSticker.recommendedMobileKeyboard.url}');

  // Retrieve emoji:
  final emojis = await client.emojis();
  final secondEmoji = await emojis.load(1);
  print('got emoji preview URL: ${secondEmoji.recommendedMobileKeyboard.url}');

  // Search for cat GIFs:
  final catSearch = await client.search('cat');
  print('got ${catSearch.totalCount} cats');
  final firstCat = await catSearch.load(0);
  print('first cat share URL: ${firstCat.recommendedMobileSend.url}');

  // Search for GIFs from a specific user:
  final userSearch = await client.search('@pusheen');
  print('got ${userSearch.totalCount} results for user search');

  // Get trending search terms:
  final trendingSearchTerms = await client.trendingSearchTerms();
  print('trending search terms: $trendingSearchTerms');

  // Always close connection at the end:

Report Issues

Please help development by reporting issues, pull requests are also welcome!


enough_giphy is licensed under the commercial friendly Mozilla Public License 2.0

  • Use enough_giphy_flutter to integrate a powerful and customizable GIPHY picker into your Flutter app.


A GIPHY client in pure Dart without dependency on Flutter.