elementary library


The simplest error handler that just prints error to the console in debug mode.
The base class for an entity that contains a business logic required for a specific inheritor of ElementaryWidget.
ElementaryWidget<I extends IWidgetModel>
A widget that uses state of WidgetModel properties to build a part of the user interface described by this widget.
Interface for handle error in business logic. It may be something like write log or else.
A basic interface for every WidgetModel.
WidgetModel<W extends ElementaryWidget<IWidgetModel>, M extends ElementaryModel>
The basic implementation of the entity responsible for all presentation logic, providing properties and data for the widget, and keep relations with the business logic. Business logic represented in the form of ElementaryModel.


WidgetModelFactory<T extends WidgetModel<ElementaryWidget<IWidgetModel>, ElementaryModel>> = T Function(BuildContext context)
Type for a factory function that is used to create an instance of WidgetModel.