Dart Implementation of ONVIF IP Camera Client

This package works with a variety of ONVIF compatible devices allowing for IP Cameras and NVRs (network video recorders) to be integrated into Dart and Flutter applications. The package includes the ability to control the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) movements of a device along with managing presets as well as controlling how video and audio is being streamed from the device. Review the documentation below to get more details on available features.

pub package License: MIT

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Getting Started


To use this package in your code, first add the dependency to your project:

  easy_onvif: ^2.1.2+13

If you need additional help getting started with dart, check out these guides.

Usage Example

Import the easy_onvif library.

import 'package:easy_onvif/onvif.dart';

final onvif = await Onvif.connect(
 host: [hostname or ip address],
 username: [username],
 password: [password]);

Interacting with a device through Onvif operations

Refer to the tables below for the supported operations.

Through the deviceManagement operations you can get information about the connected device.

var deviceInfo = await onvif.deviceManagement.getDeviceInformation();


Many operations require you to supply a profileToken which can be retrieved through media operations.

var profiles = await onvif.media.getProfiles();

profiles.forEach((element) {
 print('${element.name}  ${element.token}');

var profileToken = profiles.first.token;

With the ptz operations you can get a list of camera presets from the connected device.

var presets = await onvif.ptz.getPresets(profileToken);

//get a specific preset
var preset = presets[11];

//print the preset values
 'preset: ${preset.position.panTilt?.x}  ${preset.position.panTilt?.y}  ${preset.position.zoom?.x}');

//use the GotoPreset operation to point the camera to the given preset
await onvif.ptz.gotoPreset(profileToken, preset);

Be sure to look through the API Reference for information about the parameters required for the supported Onvif operations.

Lower level requests

In cases where there is no helper method for a specific Onvif operation, a low-level call can be used to make the request to the device. The code below performs the GetAudioOutputs Media1 operation. All responses take the form of a hashmap Map<String,dynamic>.

// sample low level request
// build a xml fragment for the specific Onvif operation
Transport.builder.element('GetAudioOutputs', nest: () {

final requestFragment = Transport.builder.buildFragment();

// using the connected onvif object from the earlier example
final transport = onvif.transport;

// build the soap request envelope and send the request
// since this is a media1 request, send to the media1 endpoint
final envelope = await transport.sendRequest(
    onvif.media.media1.uri, transport.securedEnvelope(requestFragment));


Onvif cli (Onvif at the command prompt)

A command line interface for controlling an Onvif device with cli commands

Install using dart pub:

dart pub global activate easy_onvif

Install using brew:

brew tap faithoflifedev/easy_onvif
brew install onvif

Run the following command to see help:

onvif --help


A command line interface for controlling Onvif compliant devices

Usage: onvif <command> [arguments]

Global options:
-h, --help           Print this usage information.
    --config-file    (defaults to "$HOME/.onvif/credentials.json")
    --log-level      [all, debug, info, warning, error, off (default)]

Available commands:
  authorize           Generate an authentication file for an Onvif device
  device-management   Device management commands.
  media1              Media1 commands.
  media2              Media2 commands.
  probe               Probe/device discovery command.
  ptz                 PTZ commands.
  version             Display the package name and version.

  Run "onvif help <command>" for more information about a command.

Please see the cli documentation README.md for more detailed usage information.

Supported Onvif Operations

Device Management

Onvif Operation Dart Method Dart Return Type Test
CreateUsers createUsers Future<bool> [x]
DeleteUsers deleteUsers Future<bool> [x]
GetCapabilities getCapabilities Future<Capabilities> [x]
GetDeviceInformation getDeviceInformation Future<GetDeviceInformationResponse> [x]
GetDiscoveryMode getDiscoveryMode Future<String> [x]
GetDNS getDNS Future<DnsInformation> [x]
GetHostname getHostname Future<HostnameInformation> [x]
GetNetworkProtocols getNetworkProtocols Future<List<NetworkProtocol>> [x]
GetNTP getNtp Future<NtpInformation> [x]
GetServiceCapabilities getServiceCapabilities Future<DeviceServiceCapabilities> [x]
GetServices getServices Future<List<Service>> [x]
GetStorageConfiguration getStorageConfiguration Future<StorageConfiguration> [ ]
GetStorageConfigurations getStorageConfigurations Future<List<StorageConfiguration>> [ ]
GetSystemDateAndTime getSystemDateAndTime Future<SystemDateAndTime> [x]
GetSystemUris getSystemUris Future<GetSystemUrisResponse> [x]
GetSystemLog getSystemLog Future<SystemInformation> [ ]
GetSystemSupportInformation getSystemSupportInformation Future<SystemInformation> [ ]
GetUsers getUsers Future<List<User>> [x]
SystemReboot systemReboot Future<String> [ ]


Onvif Operation Dart Method Dart Return Type Test
GetCurrentPreset getCurrentPreset Future<ImagingPreset> [ ]
GetPresets getPresets Future<List<ImagingPreset>> [ ]
GetServiceCapabilities getServiceCapabilities Future<Capabilities> [ ]
GetStatus getStatus Future<Status> [ ]
SetCurrentPreset setCurrentPreset Future<bool> [ ]

Media 1

Onvif Operation Dart Method Dart Return Type Test
GetAudioSources getAudioSources Future<List<AudioSource>> [x]
GetMetadataConfiguration getMetadataConfiguration Future<MetadataConfiguration> [x]
GetMetadataConfigurations getMetadataConfigurations Future<List<MetadataConfiguration>> [x]
GetProfile getProfile Future<Profile> [x]
GetProfiles getProfiles Future<List<Profile>?> [x]
GetServiceCapabilities getServiceCapabilities Future<Capabilities1> [x]
GetSnapshotUri getSnapshotUri Future<MediaUri> [x]
GetStreamUri getStreamUri Future<MediaUri> [x]
GetVideoSources getVideoSources Future<VideoSources> [x]
StartMulticastStreaming startMulticastStreaming Future<bool> [x]
StopMulticastStreaming stopMulticastStreaming Future<bool> [x]

Media 2

Onvif Operation Dart Method Dart Return Type Test
GetMetadataConfigurationOptions getMetadataConfigurationOptions Future<MetadataConfigurationOptions> [x]
GetMetadataConfigurations getMetadataConfigurations Future<List<MetadataConfiguration>> [x]
GetProfiles getProfiles Future<List<MediaProfile>?> [x]
GetServiceCapabilities getServiceCapabilities Future<Capabilities2> [x]
GetSnapshotUri getSnapshotUri Future<String> [x]
GetStreamUri getStreamUri Future<String> [x]
GetVideoEncoderInstances getVideoEncoderInstances Future<Info> [ ]
GetVideoSourceConfigurationOptions getVideoSourceConfigurationOptions Future<VideoSourceConfigurationOptions> [ ]
StartMulticastStreaming startMulticastStreaming Future<bool> [x]
StopMulticastStreaming stopMulticastStreaming Future<bool> [x]


Onvif Operation Dart Method Dart Return Type Test
AbsoluteMove absoluteMove Future<bool> [x]
ContinuousMove continuousMove Future<bool> [x]
GetCompatibleConfigurations getCompatibleConfigurations Future<List<PtzConfiguration>> [x]
GetConfiguration getConfiguration Future<PtzConfiguration> [x]
GetConfigurationOptions getConfigurationOptions Future<PtzConfigurationOptions> [x]
GetConfigurations getConfigurations Future<List<PtzConfiguration>> [x]
GetPresets getPresets Future<List<Preset>> [x]
GetServiceCapabilities getServiceCapabilities Future<Capabilities> [x]
GetStatus getStatus Future<PtzStatus> [x]
GotoHomePosition gotoHomePosition Future<bool> [x]
GotoPreset gotoPreset Future<bool> [x]
RelativeMove relativeMove Future<bool> [x]
RemovePreset removePreset Future<bool> [x]
SetHomePosition setHomePosition Future<bool> [x]
SetPreset setPreset Future<String> [x]
Stop stop Future<bool> [x]

PTZ Helper Methods

Onvif Operation Dart Method Return Type
N/A move Future<void>
N/A moveDown Future<void>
N/A moveLeft Future<void>
N/A moveRight Future<void>
N/A moveUp Future<void>
N/A zoomIn Future<void>
N/A zoomOut Future<void>
N/A getCurrentPreset Future<Preset?>


Onvif Operation Dart Method Dart Return Type Test
CreateRecording createRecording Future<String> [ ]
CreateRecordingJob createRecordingJob Future<CreateRecordingJobResponse> [ ]
DeleteRecording deleteRecording Future<bool> [ ]
DeleteRecordingJob deleteRecordingJo Future<bool> [ ]
GetRecordingJobs getRecordingJobs Future<List<GetRecordingJobsResponseItem>> [ ]
GetRecordingJobState getRecordingJobState Future<List<RecordingJobStateInformation>> [ ]
GetRecordingOptions getRecordingOptions Future<List<RecordingOptions>> [ ]
GetRecordings getRecordings Future<List<GetRecordingsResponseItem>> [ ]
GetServiceCapabilities getServiceCapabilities Future<Capabilities> [ ]
setRecordingJobMode setRecordingJobMode Future<bool> [ ]


Onvif Operation Dart Method Dart Return Type Test
GetReplayConfiguration getReplayConfiguration Future<ReplayConfiguration> [ ]
GetReplayUri getReplayUri Future<String> [ ]
GetServiceCapabilities getServiceCapabilities Future<Capabilities> [ ]
SetReplayConfiguration setReplayConfiguration Future<bool> [ ]


Onvif Operation Dart Method Dart Return Type Test
FindRecordings findRecordings Future<String> [ ]
GetRecordingSearchResults getRecordingSearchResults Future<List<FindRecordingResult>> [ ]
GetRecordingInformation getRecordingInformation Future<RecordingInformation> [ ]
GetRecordingSummary getRecordingSummary Future<RecordingSummary> [ ]

Tested Onvif Devices

The values returned by the Onvif API GetDeviceInformation call.

Manufacturer Model Known Issue
Happytimesoft IPCamera limited capabilities
D-Link Corporation DCS-6511 commands not implemented¹
ONVIF ENP1A14-IR/25X commands not implemented²
NONE GX728MF-IR28 commands not implemented³
LOREX LNB4421SB testing in progress

¹ The following are not implemented for the ENP1A14-IR/25X:

  • Recordings
    • CreateRecording
    • DeleteRecording

² The following are not implemented for the DCS-6511:

  • Device Management:
    • GetServices
    • GetServiceCapabilities
  • Media1:
    • GetMetadataConfiguration
    • GetProfile
    • GetServiceCapabilities
  • Media2:
    • is not supported by this device
  • PTZ:
    • not tested

³ The following are not implemented for the GX728MF-IR28:

  • Device Management:
    • GetSystemUris
  • Media1:
    • GetMetadataConfiguration
    • GetProfile
    • GetStreamUri
    • StartMulticastStreaming
    • StopMulticastStreaming
  • Media2:
    • GetStreamUri
    • StartMulticastStreaming
    • StopMulticastStreaming
  • PTZ:
    • not supported

New for version 2.1.x

  • Support for Media2 Onvif operations
  • Support for Recording Onvif operations (experimental)
  • Support for Replay Onvif operations (experimental)
// defaults to `MixedProfile` a special case object that has the fields for both 
// a media1 `Profile` and a media2 `MediaProfile`.
var profiles = await onvif.media.getProfiles();

// determine the media level supported

// alternatively, make an explicit call to the Media1 operation
var profiles1 = await onvif.media.media1.getProfiles();

// or, make an explicit call to the Media2 operation
var profiles2 = await onvif.media.media2.getProfiles();

New for version 2.0.x

Device discovery is finally here. If you're using the command line utility that became available from v1.0.0, you can discover Onvif devices on your network with the command:

onvif probe

Or, in dart code:

final multicastProbe = MulticastProbe();

await multicastProbe.probe();

for (var device in multicastProbe.onvifDevices) {
      '${device.name} ${device.location} ${device.hardware} ${device.xAddr}');

Onvif specifications and documentation


Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs with the issue tracker.

Known Issues

Github Issue #23, in Flutter when using v2.0.13+4 and above you may see the following message when performing a dart pub get:

Because every version of flutter from sdk depends on collection 1.16.0 and xml >=6.2.0 depends on collection ^1.17.0, flutter from sdk is incompatible with xml >=6.2.0.
And because easy_onvif >=2.0.13+11 depends on xml ^6.2.2, flutter from sdk is incompatible with easy_onvif >=2.0.13+11.
So, because cow depends on both flutter from sdk and easy_onvif ^2.0.13+13, version solving failed.
pub get failed (1; So, because cow depends on both flutter from sdk and easy_onvif ^2.0.13+13, version solving failed.)

The fix for this is to add the following section to your pubspec.yaml:

  collection: ^1.17.0

Breaking changes


There is probably a number of breaking changes in this version since some method signatures have changed. Since a large portion of the code base was rebuilt from scratch tracking all the changes wasn't a priority. Sorry for any inconvenience.



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  • Have you already helped in any way?
    • Many thanks from me, the contributors and everybody that uses this project!

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