An easy way to display images in a full-screen dialog, including pinch & zoom.

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  • Show a single image or a swipeable list of images
  • Use pinch & zoom to zoom in and out of images
  • Optionally allow "double tap to zoom" by passing in doubleTapZoomable: true
  • Optionally allow "swipe down to dismiss" by passing in swipeDismissible: true
  • No dependencies besides Flutter
  • Callbacks for onPageChanged and onViewerDismissed


Show a single image:

final imageProvider = Image.network("https://picsum.photos/id/1001/5616/3744").image;
showImageViewer(context, imageProvider, onViewerDismissed: () {

Show a bunch of images:

MultiImageProvider multiImageProvider = MultiImageProvider([

showImageViewerPager(context, multiImageProvider, onPageChanged: (page) {
  print("page changed to $page");
}, onViewerDismissed: (page) {
  print("dismissed while on page $page");

Usually you'll want to implement your own EasyImageProvider. Suppose you have a list of Products, each of which has an imagePath property with the path to a local image file. You could create an EasyImageProvider that takes a list of Products like this:

class ProductsImageProvider extends EasyImageProvider {

  final List<Product> products;
  final int initialIndex;

  ProductsImageProvider({ required this.products, this.initialIndex = 0 });

  ImageProvider<Object> imageBuilder(BuildContext context, int index) {
    String? localImagePath = products[index].imagePath;
    File? imageFile;

    if (localImagePath != null) {
      imageFile = File(localImagePath);

    ImageProvider imageProvider = imageFile != null ? FileImage(imageFile) : AssetImage("assets/images/product_placeholder.jpg") as ImageProvider;

    return imageProvider;

  int get imageCount => products.length;  

You could then use it like this:

ProductsImageProvider productsImageProvider = ProductsImageProvider(products: products);

showImageViewerPager(context, productsImageProvider, onPageChanged: (page) {
  print("page changed to $page");
}, onViewerDismissed: (page) {
  print("dismissed while on page $page");

How to release a new version on pub.dev

  1. Update the version number in pubspec.yaml.
  2. Add an entry for the new version in CHANGELOG.md.
  3. Make sure flutter test and flutter analyze pass without any issues.
  4. Run dart pub publish --dry-run to ensure all publishing checks pass.
  5. If you haven't installed the pana package analysis tool yet, install it with dart pub global activate pana.
  6. Make sure all changes are committed and run pana . inside the project directory. We are aiming for the highest score.
  7. Address any issues reported by pana.
  8. Create a new branch for your changes, for example by running git checkout -b release-1.1.0.
  9. Commit your changes (formatting changes separately from other changes).
  10. Open a PR with your changes.
  11. Once approved, merge the PR.
  12. Run dart pub publish to publish the new version.
  13. On GitHub, create a new release by visiting Releases. The tag should have the format of v plus the version number, for example v1.1.0. The title of the release should be the version number without a v. Add what you've added to the changelog as the release's description.
  14. That's it.


EasyImageViewer is a project by TSG, a full-service digital agency taking software from concept to launch. Our powerhouse team of designers and engineers build iOS, Android, and web apps across many industries.


A library to easily display images in a full-screen dialog. It supports pinch & zoom, and paging through multiple images.