PrayerTimeTool class Null safety

Tool for islamic regular 5 time prayer schedule. Prayer time tool will find prayer schedule based on user location

Require : Device location permission.

Return : PrayerTime, that contains : prayer time, user's lat and long and place name

Note : PrayerTimeTool may failed to find device location, so PrayerTimeTool is set default lat, long and place to Jakarta, Indonesia. You can change the default lat, long, place value via PrayerTimeTool via init method params.

Init PrayerTimeTool, by init method :

await PrayerTimeTool.init();

Put your default place data :

await PrayerTimeTool.init(defaultLat: '-6.175445728394261', defaultLong: '106.82706696674836', defaultPlaceName: 'Jakarta');

PrayerTimeTool is part of Dzikr Package


hashCode int
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prayer PrayerTime
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toString() String
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operator ==(Object other) bool
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Static Methods

findClosestPrayerTime(PrayerTime prayer) PrayerTime
init({String? defaultLat, String? defaultLong, String? defaultPlaceName}) Future<PrayerTimeTool>
Initial method of PrayerTimeTool