A Dropdown List with TextField search and Keyboard support.

Arrow_UP & Arrow_DOWN : for travelling in the list

Enter_KEY : Selects the current selected item in the list

Escape_KEY : Closes the Dropdown overlay and reset the search TextField

Note : Currently, only working for String list items.

Getting started

Add this line to your file.

import 'package:dropdown_text_search/src/flutter_dropdown_text_search.dart';


TODO: Include short and useful examples for package users. Add longer examples to /example folder.

    width: 250,
    child: DropdownTextSearch(
        onChange: (val){
            _controller.text = val;
        noItemFoundText: "Invalid Search",
        controller: _controller,
        overlayHeight: 300,
        items: citiesData,
        filterFnc: (String a,String b){
          return a.toLowerCase().startsWith(b.toLowerCase());
        decorator: UIComponents.inputDecoration(
            context: context,
            hint: "All"

Additional information

Repo: dropdown_text_search

Found any issues, report here