TableValuedFunction<Self extends ResultSetImplementation> constructor

TableValuedFunction<Self extends ResultSetImplementation>(
  1. DatabaseConnectionUser attachedDatabase, {
  2. required String functionName,
  3. required List<Expression<Object>> arguments,
  4. required List<GeneratedColumn<Object>> columns,
  5. String? alias,

Constructor for table-valued functions.

This takes the attachedDatabase (used to interpret results), the name of the function as well as arguments passed to it and finally the schema of the table (in the form of columns).


  this.attachedDatabase, {
  required String functionName,
  required this.arguments,
  required List<GeneratedColumn> columns,
  String? alias,
})  : _functionName = functionName,
      $columns = columns,
      aliasedName = alias ?? functionName;