customSelectQuery method

  1. @Deprecated('Renamed to customSelect')
Selectable<QueryRow> customSelectQuery(
  1. String query, {
  2. List<Variable<Object>> variables = const [],
  3. Set<ResultSetImplementation> readsFrom = const {},

Creates a custom select statement from the given sql query. To run the query once, use Selectable.get. For an auto-updating streams, set the set of tables the ready readsFrom and use If you know the query will never emit more than one row, you can also use getSingle and watchSingle which return the item directly without wrapping it into a list.

If you use variables in your query (for instance with "?"), they will be bound to the variables you specify on this query.


@Deprecated('Renamed to customSelect')
Selectable<QueryRow> customSelectQuery(String query,
    {List<Variable> variables = const [],
    Set<ResultSetImplementation> readsFrom = const {}}) {
  return customSelect(query, variables: variables, readsFrom: readsFrom);