PathOrder class

Denotes the order of PathSegment elements (not public).

A PathSegment represents a continuous Path element which itself can be contained in a Path.

Ordering the PathSegment elements based on the properties of the respective parent Path is still work in progress and will be possible soon.


PathOrder.byLength({dynamic reverse = false})
The PathSegment order is defined according to their respective length, starting with the longest element. If reverse is true, the smallest element is selected first.
PathOrder.byPosition({required AxisDirection direction})
The PathSegment order is defined according to its position in the overall bounding box. The position is defined as the center of the respective bounding box of each PathSegment element. The field direction specifies in which direction the position attribute is compared.


hashCode int
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combine(PathOrder secondPathOrder) PathOrder
Returns a new PathOrder object which first sorts PathSegment elements according to this instance and further sorts according to secondPathOrder.
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toString() String
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