directed_graph library


BidirectedGraph<T extends Object>
Graph with bidirected edges represented by a directed graph with symmetric edges.
DirectedGraph<T extends Object>
Generic directed graph storing vertices of type T.
GraphCrawler<T extends Object>
Utility class for crawling a graph defined by edges and retrieving paths and walks.
WeightedDirectedGraph<T extends Object, W extends Comparable>
A directed graph with vertices of type T and a weight of type W associated with each directed edges.


SortMap on Map<K, V>
Extension providing the methods sortByKey and sortByValue for sorting a Map<K extends Object, V extends Object> in place.
SortSet on Set<T>
Extension providing the method sort for sorting a Set<T extends Object> in place.


largeInt → const int
Constant holding the largest (smi) int.


largestInt int


Edges<T extends Object> = Iterable<T> Function(T vertex)
Function returning an Iterable<T> representing edge vertices.
Summation<W> = W Function(W left, W right)
Function used to sum edge weights.