DeviceCalendarPlugin class Null safety

Provides functionality for working with device calendar(s)


DeviceCalendarPlugin({bool shouldInitTimezone = true})


hashCode int
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runtimeType Type
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createCalendar(String? calendarName, {Color? calendarColor, String? localAccountName}) Future<Result<String>>
Creates a new local calendar for the current device.
createOrUpdateEvent(Event? event) Future<Result<String>?>
Creates or updates an event
deleteCalendar(String calendarId) Future<Result<bool>>
Deletes a calendar. The calendarId parameter is the id of the calendar that plugin will try to delete the event from/// Returns a Result indicating if the instance of the calendar has (true) or has not (false) been deleted
deleteEvent(String? calendarId, String? eventId) Future<Result<bool>>
Deletes an event from a calendar. For a recurring event, this will delete all instances of it.
To delete individual instance of a recurring event, please use deleteEventInstance()
deleteEventInstance(String? calendarId, String? eventId, int? startDate, int? endDate, bool deleteFollowingInstances) Future<Result<bool>>
Deletes an instance of a recurring event from a calendar. This should be used for a recurring event only.
If startDate, endDate or deleteFollowingInstances is not valid or null, then all instances of the event will be deleted.
hasPermissions() Future<Result<bool>>
Checks if permissions for modifying the device calendars have been granted
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
requestPermissions() Future<Result<bool>>
Requests permissions to modify the calendars on the device
retrieveCalendars() Future<Result<UnmodifiableListView<Calendar>>>
Retrieves all of the device defined calendars
retrieveEvents(String? calendarId, RetrieveEventsParams? retrieveEventsParams) Future<Result<UnmodifiableListView<Event>>>
Retrieves the events from the specified calendar
showiOSEventModal(String eventId) Future<Result<void>>
Displays a native iOS view EKEventViewController
toString() String
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channel → const MethodChannel