Welcome to the Date Field package! 📅

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This package provides two widgets, DateTimeField and DateTimeFormField, which allow users to pick a date and/or time from an input field. You can customize the appearance of the widgets using the decoration argument, and specify whether to ask for a date, a time, or both using the mode parameter.

Here's how to get started 🚀

Add the date_field package to your project's dependencies in pubspec.yaml.

  date_field: ^3.0.5

Import the package in your Dart code.

import 'package:date_field/date_field.dart';

Use the DateTimeField or DateTimeFormField widget in your code, and customize it using the available parameters.

Available Parameters 📝

  • onSaved: a callback that is called when the form is saved.
  • validator: a callback that is called to validate the value.
  • initialValue: the initial value of the field.
  • autovalidateMode: when to validate the field.
  • enabled: whether the field is enabled or disabled.
  • use24hFormat: whether to use a 24-hour format for the time picker.
  • dateTextStyle: the text style for the date.
  • dateFormat: the format of the date.
  • firstDate: the earliest date that can be selected.
  • lastDate: the latest date that can be selected.
  • initialDate: the initial date that is selected.
  • onDateSelected: a callback that is called when a date is selected.
  • decoration: the decoration for the field.
  • initialEntryMode: the initial entry mode of the date picker.
  • initialDatePickerMode: the initial date picker mode.
  • mode: the mode of the date and time picker.
  • initialTimePickerEntryMode: the initial entry mode of the time picker.
  • fieldCreator: the creator of the DateTimeField.

Example Usage 📖

Here's an example usage of DateTimeFormField:

  decoration: const InputDecoration(
    hintStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.black45),
    errorStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.redAccent),
    border: OutlineInputBorder(),
    suffixIcon: Icon(Icons.event_note),
    labelText: 'Only time',
  mode: DateTimeFieldPickerMode.time,
  autovalidateMode: AutovalidateMode.always,
  validator: (e) => (e?.day ?? 0) == 1 ? 'Please not the first day' : null,
  onDateSelected: (DateTime value) {

You can find more examples and a complete example on the GitHub repository. We hope this package is helpful to you!

License 📜

This package is released under the MIT license.

Contributing 🤝

Contributions to this package are welcome! If you find a bug or have a feature request, please create an issue on the GitHub repository. If you'd like to contribute code, please create a pull request with your changes.

Before submitting a pull request, please make sure to run the tests and ensure they all pass. Additionally, please follow the existing coding style and make sure your code is well-documented.

Thank you for your contributions!