Contains DateTimeField and DateTimeFormField which allows the user to pick a DateTime from an input field! Depending on the mode, it can ask the user the time, the date or both at the same time!

Getting Started

The best way to discover this package is simply to check the example page!

There are two widgets in this package:

  • DateTimeField
  • DateTimeFormField

The second one is wrapping the first one with a FormField widget! This way you can integrate it in your form structure flawlessly.

The DateTimeField widget returns an InputDecorator with an Inkwell which will display a date picker (platform responsive) which allows the user to select the date and the time he wants!

You can customize the widget a lot thanks to these parameters:

onSaved, validator, initialValue, autovalidate, enabled, firstDate, lastDate, label, dateFormat, decoration, initialDatePickerMode, mode (time, date, time and date)

If you want more details, I invite you to check the official documentation.