pub package

Contains DateTimeField and DateTimeFormField which allows the user to pick a DateTime from an input field! Depending on the mode, it can ask the user the time, the date or both at the same time ;) !


In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

  date_field: ^3.0.0

In your library add the following import:

import 'package:date_field/date_field.dart';

Getting Started

There are two widgets in this package:

  • DateTimeField
  • DateTimeFormField

It follows the usual Flutter patterns convention, meaning the DateTimeFormField extends the FormField widget and wraps a DateTimeField widget.

You can customize both of these widgets with the decoration argument which is fully supported.

You can also specify whether you would like to ask the user for a date, a time or both using the mode parameter.


The following picture illustrates some things you can do with this package.

  decoration: const InputDecoration(
    hintStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.black45),
    errorStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.redAccent),
    border: OutlineInputBorder(),
    suffixIcon: Icon(Icons.event_note),
    labelText: 'Only time',
  mode: DateTimeFieldPickerMode.time,
  autovalidateMode: AutovalidateMode.always,
  validator: (e) => (e?.day ?? 0) == 1 ? 'Please not the first day' : null,
  onDateSelected: (DateTime value) {

You can check the GitHub repo for a complete example.