Datamuse API

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Library for using Datamuse API to find words using specific queries.


You can find words using specific queries.

Future<List<Result>> query({
  String meansLike,
  String soundsLike,
  String spelledLike,
  List<LexicalRelation> relations = const [],
  Vocabulary vocabulary,
  List<String> topics = const [],
  String leftContext,
  String rightContext,
  int max = 100,
  List<MetadataFlag> metadata = const [],
  String queryEcho,
  bool internationalPronunciation = false,


You can use suggest call to get a list of possible suggestions for your query. This is useful for autocompletion.

Future<List<Suggestion>> suggest(
  String query, {
  int max = 10,
  Vocabulary vocabulary = Vocabulary.basic,