data_table_plus library


Extension of stock DataColumn, adds the capability to set relative column size via size property
Extension of standard DataRow, adds row level tap events. Also there're onSecondaryTap and onSecondaryTapDown which are not available in DataCells and which can be useful in Desktop settings when a reaction to the right click is required.
In-place replacement of standard DataTable widget, mimics it API. Has the header row always fixed and core of the table (with data rows) scrollable and stretching to max width/height of it's container. By using DataColumnPlus instead of DataColumn it is possible to control relative column sizes (setting them to S, M and L). DataRowPlus provides row-level tap event handlers.


lmRatio double
Large to Medium column width ratio, 1.2 default
no setter
smRatio double
Small to Medium column width ratio, 0.67 default
no setter


setColumnSizeRatios(double sm, double lm) → void
Use this method to change the default ratios of columns sizes/widths (see ColumnSize)