dart_phonetics library


Encodes a string to a Double Metaphone value. This implementation is based on the algorithm that was published by Lawrence Philips in Dr. Dobbs and includes fixes published by others since. By design, this encoding always contains two values. If there is no alternate, the primary and the alternate encodings will be the same. [...]
Encodes a string using The New York State Identification and Intelligence System (NYSIIS) algorithm. It is basically a more modern alternative to the original Soundex. It was intended to match names and surnames so it may not perform as well on dictionary words. [...]
The common interface for all phonetic encoders.
A data class that provides a primary encoding as well as a set of optional alternates.
Common helpers and utilities.
Encodes a string to a RefinedSoundex value. RefinedSoundex contains more groupings, no maximum length, and is optimized for spell checking words. [...]
Encodes a string to a Soundex value. Soundex is a classic encoding scheme used to compare names that sound similar. It can also be used to find words that sound similar. [...]

Exceptions / Errors

Phonetic encoder exceptions that are thrown when there are problems phonetically encoding an input string.