A Dart library for building console applications.

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This library contains a variety of useful functions for console application development, including:

  • Reading the current window dimensions (height, width)
  • Reading and setting the cursor location
  • Setting foreground and background colors
  • Manipulating the console into "raw mode", which allows more advanced keyboard input processing than the default dart:io library.
  • Reading keys and control sequences from the keyboard
  • Writing aligned text to the screen

The library is being used to implement a Dart version of the Kilo text editor, and is sufficient for a reasonably complete set of usage, including readline-style CLI and basic text games.

The library assumes a VT-style terminal, as used by macOS and Linux. This package does not currently work on Windows.


A simple example for the dart_console package:

import 'package:dart_console/dart_console.dart';

main() {
  final console = Console();


      'Console size is ${console.windowWidth} cols and ${console.windowHeight} rows.',

  return 0;

More comprehensive demos of the Console class are included in the example/demo.dart and example/command_line.dart files.

Other Notes

dart_console uses the new FFI capabilities in Dart 2.5 and later. As of the time of writing (August 2019), this is not available in a stable release. However, the package declares a dependency of Dart 2.4 so that dartdoc still works. For this reason, dart_console currently has a low pub.dev analysis score. This should fix itself when pub.dev rolls forward to Dart 2.5.

Dart 2.5 is currently available in the master channel of Flutter or as a standalone download from the Dart SDK install page.


Special thanks to Matt Sullivan (@mjohnsullivan) and Samir Jindel (@sjindel-google) for their help understanding the vagaries of FFI in its early state.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


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