Flutter custom Form Fields

  • Ever bored of designing repetative Form fields in Flutter Apps?
  • Same designs in multiple projects ? Flutter custom Form Fields come to your rescue.

Flutter custom Form Fields comes with predefined Form Fields Styles, which is a light-weight package providing you cleaner code, reusable prestyled Form fields.


Set the dependency

  custom_form_fields: <latest-version>


flutter pub get

Import it

import 'package:custom_field_styles/custom_field_styles.dart';

Use it

return Scaffold(
      body: SafeArea(
          child: Center(
              child: Container(
        margin: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 20, horizontal: 10),
        child: Column(
          mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.center,
          children: [
            const Text(
              "Modern Text Field",
              style: TextStyle(fontSize: 20),
            const SizedBox(
              height: 20,
            /// Custom Form Text Fields , Change [fieldstyle] to change designs
            ///Required Fields : [controller] 
              controller: controller,
              fieldStyle: FieldStyle.modern,
              prefixIcon: const Icon(Icons.person_2),
              suffixIcon: const Icon(Icons.cancel),
             const SizedBox(
              height: 20,
            const Text(
              "Gradient  Button Field",
              style: TextStyle(fontSize: 20),
            const SizedBox(
              height: 20,
             /// Custom Form Buttons , Change [buttonstyle] to change designs
             ///Required Fields : [child] 
              onTap: () {
                debugPrint("Hello , Button Pressed");
              buttonStyle: CustomStyle.gradient,
              firstGradientColor: Colors.purple,
              secondGradientColor: Colors.pink,
              enableShadow: true,
              child: const Text(
                style: TextStyle(
                  fontSize: 20,
  • Required fields are : controller for Textfields and child for Buttons.

For more details see the example.


Form Fields

  • Simple Text Field
  • Modern Text Field
  • Passsword Text Field

Form Buttons

  • Simple Button
  • Modern Button
  • Gradient Button


Contributions are always welcome!

See CONTRIBUTING.md for ways to get started.


Are the Styles pre-applied?

Yes, Some of the basic styles are pre-applied , to ease developement , you can also manually change specific styles.

Some styles are not working in some FieldStyles ?

We have restricted some styles in some specific Fieldstyles to maintain disctintiveness among each Fieldstyles.

I have some creative styles in my mind how can I add them in this package ?

Please refer CONTRIBUTING.md.

Are only this much styles available ?

No, I am working on more styles. Will be adding soon.


If you have any feedback, please reach out to us at developer.dextrix@gmail.com


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