custom_dropdown_tcb library


SearchChoices widget that allows the opening of a searchable dropdown. Use the CustomDropdownTCB.single factory if only one item needs to be selected. Use the CustomDropdownTCB.multiple factory if user must be able to select multiple items at once.
Class mainly used internally to display the available choices. Cannot be made private because of automated testing.
Class mainly used internally to set a value to NotGiven by its type
Class used to send pointers to variables instead of the variable directly so that the called function can update the variable value
Tuple2<E1, E2>
Class used internally as a tuple with 2 items.
Tuple3<E1, E2, E3>
Class used internally as a tuple with 3 items.


prepareWidget(dynamic object, {dynamic parameter = const NotGiven(), Function? updateParent, BuildContext? context, Function? stringToWidgetFunction}) Widget?
Function mainly called internally to transform an object (either a Widget, a String or a Function returning a Widget or a String) to a Widget If a Function is passed as object, it can have as arguments either nothing or: