cuid2 library

cuid2 is a Dart implementation of the cuid2 library.

For technical details is recommended to check the original documentation where the inner details are explained.

Example usage:

  // cuid generator
  print(cuid()); // => cl8qj639w000l7n6e6p689uad

  // cuid using secure random generator
  print(cuidSecure()); // => cl8qjcei8000kfq6e3a1q19os

  // custom id length (defaults to 24)
  print(cuid(30)); // => oxjkyfqo3aqk3jigelnuyp3ef299qx

  final myCuid = cuidConfig(length: 30);
  final id = myCuid.gen();


cuid([int length = 24]) String
Generates a new id (default length of 24).
cuidConfig({int length = 24, int counter()?, String fingerprint()?, bool secure = false}) → Cuid
Creates a generator with the given options.
cuidSecure([int length = 24]) String
Generates a new id using cryptographic random generator (default length of 24).
isCuid(String id, {int minLength = 2, int maxLength = 32}) bool
Determines if the given string id is a valid CUID based on the specified length constraints.