Fast, Accurate and Secure Credit & Debit card scanner for Flutter

This package is a fork of the original. All rights reserved to its creators.

credit_card_scanner is a flutter plugin for accurately and quickly scanning debit and credit cards.


  • 🔒Fully OFFLINE scan makes it a completely secure scanner !
  • 🎈 Can scan Expiry date , Card Holder name and Card Issuer (lacked by other scanners) along with the Card number
  • 🔋Powered by Google's Machine Learning models
  • ⚡ Great performance and accuracy
  • 🧹Auto checks the card number for errors using card checksum algorithms
  • 🎚Supports controlling parameters that determine the balance between speed and accuracy
  • ❤️ Simple, powerful, & intuitive API

Get Demo App Here :

Vision App


Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  credit_card_scanner: <latest-version>

get the latest version number here


Just import the package and call scanCard:

import 'package:credit_card_scanner/credit_card_scanner.dart';
var cardDetails = await CardScanner.scanCard();


Example Output:

Card Number = 5173949117389006
Expiry Date = 11/26

The above code opens the device camera, looks for a valid card and gets the required details and returns the CardDetails object.

Scan Options

If you wish to obtain the card holder name and card issuer, you can specify the options:

import 'package:credit_card_scanner/credit_card_scanner.dart';
var cardDetails = await CardScanner.scanCard(
    scanOptions: CardScanOptions(
        scanCardHolderName: true,
        scanCardIssuer: true,


Example Output :

Card Number = 5173949117389006
Expiry Date = 11/26
Card Issuer = mastercard
Card Holder Name = PAUL SAMUELSON

iOS Requirements

  • The minimum target for iOS should be >= 12.0.0
  • Comment out the use_frameworks! line from under Podfile of your Flutter project. You can find this Podfile under your_flutter_project/ios/Podfile

Documentation & Samples 📖