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Wrapped collections with ChangeNotifier & ValueListenable interface for optimized rebuilds and better syntax.


Riverpod/Provider without collection_notifiers

  • Always triggers setState
  • Always creates copies
  • Verbose syntax
final setProvider = StateProvider((ref) => <E>{});
onAdd: (value) => {
  return <E>{...state, value}; // a new copy created
onRemove: (value) => {
  return <E>{...state..remove(value)}; // a new copy created

Riverpod/Provider with collection_notifiers

  • Triggers setState only when needed
  • Creates zero copy
  • Terse syntax
final setProvider = ChangeNotifierProvider((ref) => SetNotifier<E>());
onAdd:; // does not create copy
onRemove:; // does not create copy

Operators are also overridden, List:

final listProvider = ChangeNotifierProvider((ref) => ListNotifier([0]));[0] = 1; // will trigger setState[0] = 1; // won't trigger setState

Similarly, the Map:

final mapProvider = ChangeNotifierProvider((ref) => MapNotifier());['a'] = 1; // will trigger setState['a'] = 1; // won't trigger setState


Collection Status Notifier
Set Completed SetNotifier
List Completed(see notes) ListNotifier
Map Completed MapNotifier
Queue Completed QueueNotifier

Open an issue if there is any specific collection/method you need.

Element Equality

Element equation(== operator) must be handled by you beforehand. For that case, code generation(freezed, built_value etc.) or equatable are highly recommended.


  • collection_notifiers do not handle any Exception because it may cause confusing development experience and sneaky bugs.

  • Methods with overridden logic, always mimics default implementation. Hence, no additional Exception is also produced.

  • Methods that requires collection equalities(like sort(), shuffle() etc...) always trigger setState.