all_src/utils/system_all_utils library


cklog(Object? value) → void
finish(BuildContext context, [Object? result]) → void
for pop from anywhere in app
invokeNativeMethod<T>(String channel, String method, [dynamic arguments]) Future<T?>
Invoke Native method and get result
launchNewScreen<T>(BuildContext context, String tag) Future<T?>
launchNewScreenWithNewTask<T>(BuildContext context, String tag) Future<T?>
Removes all previous screens from the back stack and redirect to new screen with provided screen tag
setDarkStatusBar() → void
setLightStatusBar() → void
setStatusBarColor(Color statusBarColor, {Color? systemNavigationBarColor, Brightness? statusBarBrightness, Brightness? statusBarIconBrightness, int delayInMilliSeconds = 200}) Future<void>
Change status bar Color and Brightness