WidgetExtension extension



center({double? heightFactor, double? widthFactor}) Widget
set parent widget in center
cornerRadiusWithClipRRect(double radius) ClipRRect
add corner radius
cornerRadiusWithClipRRectOnly({int bottomLeft = 0, int bottomRight = 0, int topLeft = 0, int topRight = 0}) ClipRRect
add custom corner radius each side
expand({dynamic flex = 1}) Widget
add Expanded to parent widget
fit({BoxFit? fit, AlignmentGeometry? alignment}) Widget
add FittedBox to parent widget
flexible({dynamic flex = 1, FlexFit? fit}) Widget
add Flexible to parent widget
launch<T>(BuildContext context, {bool isNewTask = false, PageRouteAnimation? pageRouteAnimation, Duration? duration}) Future<T?>
Launch a new screen
onTap(Function? function, {BorderRadius? borderRadius, Color? splashColor, Color? hoverColor, Color? highlightColor}) Widget
add tap to parent widget
opacity({required double opacity, int durationInSecond = 1, Duration? duration}) Widget
add opacity to parent widget
paddingAll(double padding) Padding
return padding all
paddingBottom(double bottom) Padding
return padding bottom
paddingLeft(double left) Padding
return padding left
paddingOnly({double top = 0.0, double left = 0.0, double bottom = 0.0, double right = 0.0}) Padding
return custom padding from each side
paddingRight(double right) Padding
return padding right
paddingSymmetric({double vertical = 0.0, double horizontal = 0.0}) Padding
return padding symmetric
paddingTop(double top) Padding
return padding top
rotate({required double angle, bool transformHitTests = true, Offset? origin}) Widget
add rotation to parent widget
scale({required double scale, Offset? origin, AlignmentGeometry? alignment, bool transformHitTests = true}) Widget
add scaling to parent widget
tooltip({required String msg}) Widget
translate({required Offset offset, bool transformHitTests = true, Key? key}) Widget
add translate to parent widget
validate({Widget value = const SizedBox()}) Widget
Validate given widget is not null and returns given value if null.
visible(bool visible, {Widget? defaultWidget}) Widget
set visibility
withHeight(double height) SizedBox
With custom height
withRoundedCorners({Color backgroundColor = whiteColor, BorderRadius borderRadius = const BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(8.0)), LinearGradient? gradient, BoxBorder? border, List<BoxShadow>? boxShadow, DecorationImage? decorationImage, BoxShape boxShape = BoxShape.rectangle}) Container
withScroll({ScrollPhysics? physics, EdgeInsetsGeometry? padding, Axis scrollDirection = Axis.vertical, ScrollController? controller, DragStartBehavior dragStartBehavior = DragStartBehavior.start, bool? primary, required bool reverse}) Widget
withShaderMask(List<Color> colors, {BlendMode blendMode = BlendMode.srcATop}) Widget
Wrap with ShaderMask widget
withShaderMaskGradient(Gradient gradient, {BlendMode blendMode = BlendMode.srcATop}) Widget
Wrap with ShaderMask widget Gradient
withShadow({Color bgColor = whiteColor, Color shadowColor = Colors.black12, dynamic blurRadius = 10.0, dynamic spreadRadius = 0.0, Offset offset = const Offset(0.0, 0.0), LinearGradient? gradient, BoxBorder? border, DecorationImage? decorationImage, BoxShape boxShape = BoxShape.rectangle}) Container
withSize({double width = 0.0, double height = 0.0}) SizedBox
With custom height and width
withTooltip({required String msg}) Widget
Validate given widget is not null and returns given value if null.
withVisibility(bool visible, {Widget? replacement, bool maintainAnimation = false, bool maintainState = false, bool maintainSize = false, bool maintainSemantics = false, bool maintainInteractivity = false}) Visibility
set widget visibility
withWidth(double width) SizedBox
With custom width