IntExtensions extension



days Duration
Returns days duration
no setter
dynamicHeight double
no setter
dynamicWidth double
no setter
height Widget
Leaves given height of space
no setter
hours Duration
Returns hours duration
no setter
microseconds Duration
Returns microseconds duration 5.microseconds
no setter
milliseconds Duration
Returns milliseconds duration
no setter
minutes Duration
Returns minutes duration
no setter
seconds Duration
Returns seconds duration
no setter
size Size
Returns Size
no setter
width Widget
Leaves given width of space
no setter


borderRadius([double? val]) BorderRadius
isBetween(num first, num second) bool
Returns if a number is between first and second
isSuccessful() bool
HTTP status code
toMonthDaySuffix() String
toMonthName({bool isHalfName = false}) String
toWeekDay({bool isHalfName = false}) String
validate({int value = 0}) int
Validate given int is not null and returns given value if null.