ContextExtensions extension



accentColor Color
Returns accentColor Color
no setter
cardColor Color
Returns cardColor Color
no setter
defaultTextStyle DefaultTextStyle
Returns DefaultTextStyle.of(context)
no setter
dividerColor Color
Returns dividerColor Color
no setter
formState FormState?
Returns Form.of(context)
no setter
iconColor Color
Returns dividerColor Color
no setter
Return the height of navigation bar
no setter
overlayState OverlayState?
Returns Overlay.of(context)
no setter
primaryColor Color
Returns primaryColor Color
no setter
scaffoldBackgroundColor Color
Returns scaffoldBackgroundColor Color
no setter
scaffoldState ScaffoldState
Returns Scaffold.of(context)
no setter
statusBarHeight double
Return the height of status bar
no setter
textTheme TextTheme
Returns Theme.of(context).textTheme
no setter
theme ThemeData
Returns Theme.of(context)
no setter


height() double
return screen height
isDesktop() bool
isPhone() bool
isTablet() bool
pixelRatio() double
return screen devicePixelRatio
platformBrightness() Brightness
returns brightness
requestFocus(FocusNode focus) → void
Request focus to given FocusNode
size() Size
return screen size
unFocus(FocusNode focus) → void
Request focus to given FocusNode
width() double
return screen width