toObservable function

dynamic toObservable(
  1. dynamic value, {
  2. bool deep = true,

Converts the Iterable or Map to an ObservableList or ObservableMap, respectively. This is a convenience function to make it easier to convert literals into the corresponding observable collection type.

For better static typing, use either toObservableList or toObservableMap instead of this function.

If value is not one of those collection types, or is already Observable, it will be returned unmodified.

If value is a Map, the resulting value will use the appropriate kind of backing map: either HashMap, LinkedHashMap, or SplayTreeMap.

By default this performs a deep conversion, but you can set deep to false for a shallow conversion. This does not handle circular data structures. If a conversion is peformed, mutations are only observed to the result of this function. Changing the original collection will not affect it.


// TODO(jmesserly): ObservableSet?
dynamic toObservable(dynamic value, {bool deep = true}) =>
    deep ? _toObservableDeep(value) : _toObservableShallow(value);