catholic_liturgy library




facultativeSaintMemory(DateTime date) FacultativeSaintMemoryEnum?
feastLecturesCycle(DateTime date) String
Get feast lecture cycle of the provided date
ferialLectureCycle(DateTime date) String
Get ferial lecture cycle of the provided date
franciscanFeastMemory(DateTime date) FranciscanFeastMemoryEnum?
initializeLanguage(LiturgyLanguage language) Future<void>
Initialize the language language.
isLent(DateTime date) bool
liturgy(DateTime date, bool isEpiphanyOn6thJan) LiturgyModel?
Calculate liturgy of the date day, using the isEpiphanyOn6thJan flag.
liturgyDescription(LiturgyModel liturgyModel, LiturgyLanguage language) String?
Get the description of the liturgyModel model in the language language.
saintMemory(DateTime date) SaintMemoryEnum?