CARP Core Library

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This package is one of the software components in the the overall Copenhagen Research Platform (CARP).

This package contains the CARP Core domain model as implemented in Dart. It contains the domain model used in the carp_mobile_sensing framework and all of its supporting libraries, packages, etc.

This package does nothing on its own.



This library contains the entire carp_core API the CARP Mobile Sensing (CAMS) framework implemented in Flutter.
This is the runtime which performs the actual data collection on a device (e.g., desktop computer or smartphone). This subsystem contains reusable components which understand the runtime configuration derived from a study protocol by the ‘deployment’ subsystem. Integrations with sensors are loaded through a 'device data collector' plug-in system to decouple sensing — not part of core — from sensing logic.
Contains common CARP domain classes which are used across the libraries.
Contains all pseudonymized data. When combined with the original study protocol, the full provenance of the data (when/why it was collected) is known.
Maps the information specified in a study protocol to runtime configurations used by the 'clients' subsystem to run the protocol on concrete devices (e.g., a smartphone) and allow researchers to monitor their state. To start collecting data, participants need to be invited, devices need to be registered, and consent needs to be given to collect the requested data.
Implements open standards which can describe a study protocol, i.e., defining how a study should be run. Essentially, this subsystem has no technical dependencies on any particular sensor technology or application as it merely describes why, when, and what data should be collected.