ProtocolService class Null safety

Application service which allows managing (multiple versions of) StudyProtocols.




hashCode int
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add(StudyProtocol protocol, [String? versionTag]) Future
Add the specified study protocol. [...]
addVersion(StudyProtocol protocol, [String? versionTag]) Future
Add a new version for the specified study protocol, of which a previous version with the same owner and name is already stored. [...]
getAllFor(String ownerId) Future<List<StudyProtocol>>
Find all StudyProtocol's owned by the owner with ownerId. [...]
getBy(StudyProtocolId protocolId, [String? versionTag]) Future<StudyProtocol>
Return the StudyProtocol with the specified protocolId, [...]
getVersionHistoryFor(StudyProtocolId protocolId) Future<List<ProtocolVersion>>
Returns all stored versions for the protocol with the specified protocolId.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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toString() String
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updateParticipantDataConfiguration(StudyProtocolId protocolId, String versionTag, List<ParticipantAttribute> expectedParticipantData) Future<StudyProtocol>
Replace the expected participant data for the study protocol with the specified protocolId and versionTag with expectedParticipantData. [...]


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