DeploymentService class Null safety

Application service which allows deploying StudyProtocols and retrieving MasterDeviceDeployments for participating master devices as defined in the protocol.




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createStudyDeployment(StudyProtocol protocol, [String? studyDeploymentId]) Future<StudyDeploymentStatus>
Create a new StudyDeployment based on a StudyProtocol. studyDeploymentId specifies the study deployment id. If not specified, an UUID v1 id is generated.
deploymentSuccessfulFor(String studyDeploymentId, String masterDeviceRoleName, DateTime deviceDeploymentLastUpdateDate) Future<StudyDeploymentStatus>
Indicate to stakeholders in the study deployment with studyDeploymentId that the device with masterDeviceRoleName was deployed successfully, using the deployment with the specified deviceDeploymentLastUpdateDate, i.e., that the study deployment was loaded on the device and that the necessary runtime is available to run it.
getDeviceDeploymentFor(String studyDeploymentId, String masterDeviceRoleName) Future<MasterDeviceDeployment>
Get the deployment configuration for the master device with masterDeviceRoleName in the study deployment with studyDeploymentId.
getStudyDeploymentStatus(String studyDeploymentId) Future<StudyDeploymentStatus>
Get the status for a study deployment with the given studyDeploymentId.
getStudyDeploymentStatusList(List<String> studyDeploymentIds) Future<List<StudyDeploymentStatus>>
Get the statuses for a set of deployments with the specified studyDeploymentIds.
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registerDevice(String studyDeploymentId, String deviceRoleName, DeviceRegistration registration) Future<StudyDeploymentStatus>
Register the device with the specified deviceRoleName for the study deployment with studyDeploymentId.
removeStudyDeployments(Set<String> studyDeploymentIds) Future<Set<String>>
Remove study deployments with the given studyDeploymentIds.
stop(String studyDeploymentId) Future<StudyDeploymentStatus>
Permanently stop the study deployment with the specified studyDeploymentId. No further changes to this deployment will be allowed and no more data will be collected.
toString() String
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unregisterDevice(String studyDeploymentId, String deviceRoleName) Future<StudyDeploymentStatus>
Unregister the device with the specified deviceRoleName for the study deployment with studyDeploymentId.


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