The Tizen implementation of camera.

Supported devices

This plugin is an experimental plug-in for the future

  • Nothing

Required privileges

To use this plugin, add below lines under the <manifest> section in your tizen-manifest.xml file,



This package is not an endorsed implementation of camera. Therefore, you have to include camera_tizen alongside camera as dependencies in your pubspec.yaml file.

  camera: ^0.8.1
  camera_tizen: ^0.2.0

Then you can import camera in your Dart code:

import 'package:camera/camera.dart';

For detailed usage, see


CameraPreview currently does not support other platforms except Android and iOS. Therefor the camera preview to orient properly, you have to modify the camera_preview.dart.

  Widget _wrapInRotatedBox({required Widget child}) {
    // if (defaultTargetPlatform != {
    //   return child;
    // }

    return RotatedBox(
      quarterTurns: _getQuarterTurns(),
      child: child,