cached_media_init library


keyName → const String


allCachedMediaInfo List<CachedMediaInfo>
cacheMaxSizeDefault double
getter/setter pair
currentCacheSize double
getter/setter pair
getShowLogs bool
no setter
getTempDir → dynamic
no setter
isInitialized bool
getter/setter pair
tempDir ↔ dynamic
getter/setter pair


cleanCache({required GetStorage getStorage}) Future<void>
initializeCachedMedia({double cacheMaxSize = 100, bool showLogs = false, bool clearCache = false, required GetStorage getStorage}) Future<void>
The function initializeCachedMedia() must be placed after WidgetsFlutterBinding.ensureInitialized() You can define the size in megabytes(e.g. 100 MB) for cacheMaxSize. It will help maintain the performance of your app. Set showLogs to true to show logs about the cache behavior & sizes.
initStreamListener({bool showLogs = false, required GetStorage getStorage}) Future<void>