XAxisConfiguration class Null safety



XAxisConfiguration({bool show, String type, bool localtime, List<String> categories, XTickConfiguration tick, dynamic max, dynamic min, dynamic padding, num height, dynamic extent, dynamic label})


categories List<String>
Set category names on category axis. This must be an array that includes category names in string. If category names are included in the date by data.x option, this is not required.
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extent ↔ dynamic
Set default extent for subchart and zoom. This can be an array or function that returns an array.
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hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
height num
Set height of x axis. The height of x axis can be set manually by this option. If you need more space for x axis, please use this option for that. The unit is pixel.
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label ↔ dynamic
Set label on x axis. You can set x axis label and change its position by this option. string and object can be passed and we can change the poisiton by passing object that has position key. Available position differs according to the axis direction (vertical or horizontal). If string set, the position will be the default. Valid horizontal positions: inner-right (Default), inner-center, inner-left, outer-right, outer-center, outer-left Valid vertical positions: inner-top, inner-middle, inner-bottom, outer-top, outer-middle, outer-bottom
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localtime bool
Set how to treat the timezone of x values. If true, treat x value as localtime. If false, convert to UTC internally.
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max ↔ dynamic
Set max value of x axis range.
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min ↔ dynamic
Set min value of x axis range.
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padding ↔ dynamic
Set padding for x axis. If this option is set, the range of x axis will increase/decrease according to the values. If no padding is needed in the ragen of x axis, 0 should be set. On category axis, this option will be ignored.
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runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
show bool
Show or hide x axis.
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tick XTickConfiguration
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type String
Set type of x axis (timeseries, category, indexed)
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