XTickConfiguration class

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XTickConfiguration({bool centered, dynamic format, dynamic culling, num count, bool fit, List values, num rotate, bool outer, num width, bool multiline})


centered ↔ bool
Centerise ticks on category axis
read / write
count ↔ num
The number of x axis ticks to show. This option hides tick lines together with tick text. If this option is used on timeseries axis, the ticks position will be determined precisely and not nicely positioned (e.g. it will have rough second value).
read / write
culling ↔ dynamic
Setting for culling ticks. If true is set, the ticks will be culled, then only limitted tick text will be shown. This option does not hide the tick lines. If false is set, all of ticks will be shown.
read / write
fit ↔ bool
Fit x axis ticks. If true set, the ticks will be positioned nicely. If false set, the ticks will be positioned according to x value of the data points.
read / write
format ↔ dynamic
A function to format tick value. Format string is also available for timeseries data.
read / write
multiline ↔ bool
read / write
outer ↔ bool
Show x axis outer tick.
read / write
rotate ↔ num
Rotate x axis tick text. If you set negative value, it will rotate to opposite direction.
read / write
values ↔ List
Set the x values of ticks manually. If this option is provided, the position of the ticks will be determined based on those values. This option works with timeseries data and the x values will be parsed accoding to the type of the value and data.xFormat option.
read / write
width ↔ num
Set width of x axis tick.
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