startVideoCapture abstract method

Future<int?> startVideoCapture()

Enables internal video capturing immediately. Off by default.

Internal capture refers to video capture using the built-in capture module of the SDK.
After this API is called, the local user will receive RTCVideoEventHandler.onVideoDeviceStateChanged.
If this API is called by a visible user in the current room, the other users in the room will receive RTCVideoEventHandler.onUserStartVideoCapture.

Return value:


  • Calling this API without obtaining permission to use the camera of the current device will trigger RTCVideoEventHandler.onVideoDeviceStateChanged.
  • Call RTCVideo.stopVideoCapture to stop the internal video capturing, otherwise it will not stop until the engine is destroyed.
  • You can call this API no matter you need to publish audio or not, but you can only publish audio after calling it.
  • Android needs to introduce Kotlin in Gradle. iOS needs to request camera permission from the user in the app before it can start capturing.


Future<int?> startVideoCapture();