Bottom Nav Swipe Up is flutter package to show bottom navigation on swipe up and hide it on swipe down.

Table of contents

Getting Started

  • Add this to your pubspec.yaml

    bottom_nav_swipe_up: ^0.0.9
  • Get the package from Pub:

    flutter packages get
  • Import it in your file

    import 'package:bottom_nav_swipe_up/bottom_nav_swipe_up.dart';


  • Bottom Nav Swipe Up just requires the slidable and bottom navigation bar widgets. Just to provide flexibity to the developer to design its own UI through it.
bottomNavigationBarWidget = Column(
                           children: [
                             Text("My slidable widget"),
slidableWidget = Row(
                           mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.spaceAround,
                           children: [
                             Text("My bottom nav widget"),
  • Now just pass these widgets to SlidableScreen widget.
 Widget build(BuildContext context) {
   return new MaterialApp(
     home: SlidableScreen(
             scaffoldBackgroundColor: Colors.white,
             backgroundColor: Colors.grey,
             slidableWidgetBackgroundColor: Colors.white,
             bottomNavigationBarBackgroundColor: Colors.grey,
             bottomNavigationBarWidget: bottomNavigationBarWidget,
             slidableWidget: slidableWidget



Please Refer to API documentation for more details.

Property Type Description Default Value
scaffoldBackgroundColor Color Set a background color for scaffold. @required value
backgroundColor Color Set a background color for background. @required value
slidableWidgetBackgroundColor Color Set a background color for slidable widget. @required value
bottomNavigationBarBackgroundColor Color Set a background color for bottom navigation bar. @required value
bottomNavigationBarWidget Widget Widget you want to display as bottom navigation bar. @required value
slidableWidget Widget Widget you want to display as slidable screen. @required value

Author & support

This project is created by Faiz Ahammed but with lots of support and help. See credits.

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