Bond Core

Bond Core provides foundational utilities and services for Flutter applications, including dependency injection, state management, and many other essential utilities.

Pub Version License: MIT

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Bond Core offers a comprehensive set of utilities and integrations designed to streamline Flutter development and promote standardization across projects. Here are some of the prominent features:

  • Service Provider System: Centralized and organized system for managing dependency injection using the GetIt service locator. Just create your service providers, add them to the providers list, and initialize them with the RunAppTasks.

  • Utility Extensions:

    • BuildContext Extensions: Simplify common operations with context-aware extensions. Get media query details, theme attributes, show snack bars, and more.
    • Responsive Layout Helpers: Determine device type (phone, tablet, desktop), handle text scale factors, check brightness settings, and manage safe area insets to make your layouts adaptive.
    • Future Extensions: Provides a methods to map the result of the future to a different type.
  • App Initialization: Use the run method with RunTasks for a streamlined app initialization process, ensuring services are registered before your app starts.

  • Error Handling: Catch and handle application errors in a centralized manner using the provided mechanisms in RunTasks.

  • Localization: Extensions to help retrieve locale details and support for multilingual applications.

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Navigate to Bond Docs for detailed guides, tutorials, and API references.

This is just a glimpse of what Bond Core offers. Dive into the package and explore the extensive features that can expedite your Flutter development.


Bond Core serves as the foundational package for all Bond packages. This means that when you add any Bond package to your Flutter project, bond_core will be automatically included as a dependency.

However, if you want to use bond_core standalone without other Bond packages, you can manually add it to your pubspec.yaml:

  bond_core: ^latest_version


To utilize Bond Core in your Flutter application, ensure you set up the application's entry point as demonstrated below:

import 'package:bond_core/bond_core.dart';
import 'package:bond_app/app.dart';

// main.dart file 
void main() =>
          () =>
      const ProviderScope(
        child: BondApp(),

Then, in your configs/app.dart file, you can set up your application's providers as follows:

final List<ServiceProvider> providers = [
  // Framework Service Providers

  // Modules Service Providers


Comprehensive documentation for the Bond Core package, as well as other parts of the Bond ecosystem, is available in our official documentation repository.

We highly recommend browsing through the documentation to get the most out of Bond Core and associated packages.


Contributions are welcome! However, we currently do not have a set guideline for contributions. If you're interested in contributing, please feel free to open a pull request or issue, and we'll be happy to discuss and review your changes.


Bond Core is licensed under the MIT License.