Introducing Bolter State Manager 🚀

Discover Bolter, the powerful, simple, and memory-efficient state management solution for Flutter. Bolter's zero-boilerplate approach empowers you to create high-performance applications with clean, maintainable code.

🌟 Features

  • 🚀 High Performance: Designed for top-notch performance, Bolter ensures your app runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • 💡 Zero Boilerplate: Manage your app's state with minimal code, reducing complexity and development time.
  • 🧠 Memory and Computation Efficiency: Bolter leverages hashcode calculations instead of copy and object comparisons, making it highly efficient and preventing unnecessary widget rebuilds.
  • 💎 Simplicity: Bolter is easy to understand and integrate into your existing Flutter projects, making state management a breeze.
  • 🎯 Scoped State: Easily manage state for specific sections of your app, providing fine-grained control over updates and rendering. Bolter updates only the parts of the widget tree that need to be updated, preventing unnecessary rebuilds.
  • 🔧 Flexible: Bolter works well with various app architectures, giving you the freedom to choose the best approach for your needs.

📚 Getting Started in Minutes

Jump into Bolter with these simple steps::

  1. Add the bolter package to your pubspec.yaml file:
  1. Import the bolter_flutter package in your Dart files:
import 'package:bolter_flutter/bolter_flutter.dart';
  1. Define your custom presenter classes that extend Presenter:
class CounterPresenter extends Presenter<CounterPresenter> {
  int _counter = 0;

  int get counter => _counter;

  void incrementCounter() {
    perform(action: () => _counter++);
  1. Inject your presenter classes using PresenterProvider:
  presenter: CounterPresenter(),
  child: MyHomePage(),
  1. Access the presenter and manage state within your widgets using the extension method:
final presenter = context.presenter<CounterPresenter>();
  1. Use BolterBuilder to rebuild widgets in response to state changes:
  getter: () => presenter.counter,
  builder: (context, counter) => Text(
    style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.headline4,

And that's it! With just a few lines of code, you can now manage your app's state using Bolter's powerful and efficient state management system.

🚀 Performance demo


📈 Elevate Your App's Performance Today!

Why wait? Experience the simplicity and efficiency of Bolter and give your app the performance boost it deserves, with zero boilerplate and memory efficiency at its core. Start using Bolter now and witness the difference!

For any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us on GitHub or Twitter. Happy coding! 🚀